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I'm In Love Again....

With yet another fictional character, that is. Here I go, updating about life and geeking out about Wildfire. Apparently I'm developing quite the LiveJournal addiction.

Krunior? Seriously. Anyway, I had definitely been getting bored by the end of the last season of Wildfire, but its been really good this season. I'm a bit confused about something, though. I keep seeing things that say this is season 4, but the adds on tv say you can buy the season 2 dvd. Maybe season 3 just isn't out yet. Anyway.....I HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE Junior's girl. I've always been a Junior/Kris shipper, although I eventually got over their breakup. Matt/Kris was okay (you know it had to happen at some point) but Matt is such a pansy. I don't hate his character, but I'm not attracted to him. For me, Matt and Kris are like me and Alex.
Anyway, I almost peed my pants last night when Junior kissed Kris. I mean, I knew it was going to happen, but still....that was a great kiss! I love that Kris had the balls to tell him she wanted back with him like 2 days before his wedding. Seriously, I keep forgetting how hot Junior is. He's definitely really high on my hottest guy's list. (I've meaning to make my own 25 hottest guys list sometime.) Anyway, that kiss was amazing. The preview for next week also got me really excited, because it definitely seems like something big is going to happen. Its going down at that wedding. On the other hand, the preview before the season had the quote: "I now present Mr. and Mrs. Junior Davis." And, unless this was during a rehearsal, which I highly doubt, it sounds like they're getting married. Phoey. I mean, there is no reasonable way for Kris and Junior to get married this season. So it sounds like my hopes are doomed for the moment. But that marriage is so obviously doomed. That chic is a bitch (not that I wouldn't be if I got my hands on Junior). But then, what's the whole "What Junior does next will surprise everyone" or something along those lines. Getting married at your wedding isn't that surprising.
Anyway, I'm posting this really cool video I found on YouTube. Its just their scenes from last night's episode, but its set to the balcony scene music from Baz Luhrman's Romeo and Juliet. And the maker did a great job of setting this great song with the clips, so I hope you enjoy. I think the actress who plays Kris does an amazing job in the last scene. Great eyemakeup+ a bit of tears effect, very moving. Here you go:

Also, Junior as the wind turbine spokesman is adorable!

Switching gears: One week until Revelation comes out! I checked on Wookiepedia today and saw that its over 400 pages! Yay! I can't wait for all the Jaina and Boba Fett interaction. And, I saw that the revelation in consideration is definitely Ben finding out about Mara's death. But, since he suspected it, its not that huge a deal. But, as long as he has some more concrete proof, he can tell the others. I've been waiting for so long for everyone to know about that and about Allana. Its going to be really hard for me to find time to read, but I'll have to do my best. Plus, I get to look forward to some hopeful Jag/Jaina progress. Yet another dark horse ship that I'm on right now. And, more good news, Christine started Betrayal and she's really into it! Yay! I'm going to be so happy to properly discuss things with her. Right now, she's kind of into Jacen's badass factor, but I'm sure she'll be frustrated like I was by the time she gets to Sacrifice and Inferno.
What else can I talk about.... School was so-so. I think I really could use that new journal to start. I'm just not in the mood to work right now...I So Want to know where I'm going to college!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have a lot of editing of my PSP app to do, which also doesn't make me happy. Ugh, why am I so busy? On the other hand, SO seems to be in a manageable position. I'm actually calmer now than I was a week ago, though I think I'll be freaking out again in a week.
Oh, and the college mini-crisis was resolved. All was well.

Well, as soon as Jaina/Jag and Kris/Junior are back together that is....
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