Devin (canariesrise) wrote,

Snow Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay, Mrs. Shapiro's predicitions were correct. I woke up this morning at the same time as usual and lay in bed for a moment thinking, "If we don't at least have a two hour delay, I'm going to explode." I finally managed to get downstairs long enough to turn on the tv and see: No School! Fiesta. 
What's even better is, I don't have really any stressful homework that I should be doing. I am definitely going to work on Remote Sensing a bunch, but I think I'll be having quite a bit of fun as well. I might go to Borders later, I'm really in the mood to, but I don't feel like unburdening my car. The only thing that stinks about being at my computer for a while is that its in the basement and I can't see the pretty snow that's still falling. Also, this means that the building might be closed tomorrow, which would mean missing two days of SO. I'm feeling more comfortable with things than I was a week ago, but I still don't want to miss out on too many days. Also, I wanted to hear about Chicago from Alex. At least this way, whenever I see him next, I should have some good work to show off. 
This is also a not perfect day because my dad is home and is sucking as usual, but there's really nothing I can do. Its just so nice to have a day to clean up and play around and work on various things without being overburdened. Even if the day will be gone before I can blink my eyes. Yay for snow!

Tags: science olympiad, snow

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