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Looking for Some iPod Advice Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: I just realized that when making this entry, I referred to my old iPod as an old nano, but its actually a mini. Sorry.

I'm looking to buy a new iPod, a nano, because I've had my old nano mini for about three years now, and its been three very long years for that iPod. I'm definitely sure that I want a nano, and I'll be getting an 8 GB so I can get one of the colored ones (and because I have 1500 songs + podcasts). I was wondering firstly if anyone has one of the new Nanos and has anything to comment on before I buy it? 
Also, I don't know if anyone saw/remembers this, but the old Nano's  minis came with a clip that allowed you to attach them to your belt etc. I know that the new Nanos don't come with (and probably wouldn't accomodate) anything of the sort, so I'm looking for some sort of case that would have a clip on it. I know that the new Nanos are small enough to fit in your pocket, but I wear skirts enough that this really wouldn't be helpful. I'm generally used to bopping around the house with my iPod on, so holding it in my hand is not a viable option. Does anyone have any recommendations as to a good case or a place to find iPod cases? I'm really uncomfortable buying this until I know of a way to solve this problem....
Also, I'm thinking of getting it engraved. I think I remember reading in your journal, place_to_hide, that you got this done for free? Do you (or anyone else reading) have any wisdom to share about this process? I'm not even sure if they'll do this on a Nano, but I thought it might be nice to have some song quote on the back. [A friend of mine actually had his email on the back of his, but it got stolen from his car, so a lot of good that did him....]
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