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Hello, My Name Is Devin.....

I've actually had this journal for a while now, but I haven't really used it to 5% of its capabilities. Now, I'm going to (try to) take advantage of LJ's awesomeness, so I thought I'd write a little introductory post. 

Hello, my name is Devin and I'm a senior in high school. I have, for many years, loved the Internet, and I use it for many different capacities, but not gaming. A few years ago, I tried to set up my own website, with lots of passion but almost no know-how. I'm too tired to explain now what exactly I tried, but it was a pretty futile (naively-young) waste of time. I now have a Facebook, which I find lovely as a social interface with my friends and a Myspace, which I was drawn to because of its personalization options and the ability it gives me to friend the MuggleCasters/PotterCasters and various bands, as well other friends who don't do Facebook. I've used the Notes Application in Facebook, but not for any serious writing, because there is no semblance of privacy from my friends who are really not, and I just don't like Myspace that much. So, how did I end up here....
Wow, this is actually going to be a really long story, so maybe you want to get some popcorn. After HBP was released, I started reading fanfiction. I actually, for the past two summers, I've spend tons of time reading it. From time to time, I would end up via a link on someones LJ, so I knew that it existed. A few months ago, I wanted to share some essays with people over the Internet, so I decided to create an account here, but I didn't really put any effort into it. Well, after OotP came out, I ended up on the Lupin/Tonks binge (this will prob. get explained later), and I looked around the Internet for stuff, because my normal fanfic sites weren't exactly stockpiled. I happened across a R/T fansite with lots of links to LJ communities. After some exploration, I totally fell in love with one of these communities, and I spent a lot of time there after Deathly Hallows. I eventually started exploring the journals of the members of these groups, and found that LJ has lots of great personalization options, and can offer me what I really want in a personal expression webspace. In short, I was really excited by the various things I was seeing on people's profiles. I already had a journal, but I wanted to make it gorgeous and MINE like so many others I had seen. It took me a long time (basically the whole past week) to figure out what exactly I wanted, what was in my reasonable capabilities, and how to do it. But now I have a layout I love and I'm ready to journal.
Originally, I was going to write a giant paragraph here telling you all of my interests, but I guess I'll just like you discover those as I write. I love writing for a million different purposes, and I will use this journal for many. I plan on journalling here just like writing for writing's sake and sharing other things I've written. I often take a lot of pride in my writing so, you'll probably be reading essays for school, stories, poems, and articles on here. Yeah, I'll admit to it, I'll probably post stuff here that won't interest most people, but no one's making you read it. Still, I appreciate comments on anything. Concrit is great, but I'll take anything, just please don't flame me. I may be quite like Luna Lovegood, but I'm still offended when people say blatantly mean things to my face (or my message board).
So thanks for reading my blatherings, if nothing else, I'm sure this journal will be lots of fun for me.
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