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A Long Day That Went By Very Quickly

Spent the whole day cleaning the family room at Mom's, which is kind of a bummer. Its two days into Spring Break and I haven't gotten any homework done yet. Hopefully tonight I can. My room still needs work, but I'll just have to chip away at it during the week. I'm starting to get rather anxious about this paper I have to write for my Independent Study. I guess I just need to get reading. Seven pages really isn't that bad, I just have to get up to seriously putting my nose to the grindstone. 

Tomorrow, Caitlin and I are going downtown to hang and then to see Dad's condo. I'm excited, because, as pathetic as this is, I haven't really seen much of anything in the city, and I never get to see Caitlin. Then, on Wednesday, I'm going prom shopping with Christine and Tara....I think. Oh, I guess I should say.... I now finally have an official prom date. Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I continue to work on my prom scrapbook on and off. 
Meant to update a while ago about my shows, but I guess I'll just do that now. 
Wildfire: Wow! I never would have expected her to say yes.... But, backtracking... that first kiss was awesome! Woot. And then it just got better. And good thing too, because Junior was starting to get a little too angsty for my tastes. Still, all of this Davis/Ritter angstiness is so ridiculous. Grrrr! The characters on this show other than Danni, Kris, and Junior are really pissing me off. And where did Noah go? 
But it was the preview for the next episode (which is after States!!!!!!!!!!!!! (insanity) that was most interesting. They didn't get married (of course, its never that simple on tv.) But why? Now we can continue with all this obnoxious angstiness. Apparently Matt and Junior are going to have some sort of throwdown in a river. Woot...not. And Danni and Matt are giving it another go? That's a sorry idea. Gah, I think the show really is ready to be done, its just turned into this mismash of disgustingness. And at least Junior are Kris are getting married in the end. So what's the point of all the angst in the middle? Well, as far as my broken up couples go, 1 for 3 are back together. 
If you're interested, here's a fun video from the last episode of Kris and Junior. I posted a similar for the episode before Junior's wedding; it's by the same user, but this one uses the orchestral suite from Love Actually as the background music. Enjoy!

One Tree Hill: Also getting a wee bit tiresome. But Brooke finally fired Victoria. I mean really...people go around saying Blair's a bitch....but what Victoria said to Rachel was so incredibly cruel that I was just sitting there with my jaw hanging for like ten minutes after. Daphne Zuniga and that other actress (who plays Carrie) have been plaguing me since the days of Beautiful People. It really says something about how much I loved the younger characters on that show that I liked it so much despite the presence of those two. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Speaking of Carrie, poor Nathan is getting the short stick if ever! However, I think that during the 100th episode, something will happen that will make it apparent to Haley that Carrie's really kind of a psycho. If nothing else, Nathan and Haley will get back together simply because that's what they do best. The whole 100th episode thing looks to be quite exciting (and hey I don't have to wait two months for it). The set up kind of reminds me of the other two wedding episodes (Keith's and Naley 2.0), which were both filled with drama. Certainly a lot is going to be going down. I don't think Lucas and whatshername are getting married...I'm seeing a replay of Wildfire in the future here. I loved Skills asking Peyton what her plan to steal Lucas back was. Skills is probably the one thing on this show that could never get old. Oh and Moira Kelly's coming back. Woot! I love her. I actually saw her the other night in the Cutting Edge, which was quite amusing. 

Gossip Girl: I know its not on right now, but there been a lot of activity in the community now that filming's started again. I'm excited to see the Breakfast at Tiffany's parody that they're apparently doing. I've never actually seen that movie (and for some reason my dad thinks I won't like it) but I should because its such a GG staple. Also, just saw the picture of Jenny dumping (I assume intentionally) yogurt on Blair. Although little J is certainly looking cute (and sporting a headband; ironic much?), I wouldn't want her turning into a bitch. She can't betray her Brooklyn roots. What would Serena think? I'm really curious to see who Blair ends up in the end. After all, the last BaT sequence was a dream, so that could be too. In that case, it could either one. Also, there's apparently a new female character coming on the show, which I'm not really excited for at all. Still, absence is definitely making the heart grow fonder. Also, I'm trying to plan a GG season finale party, but the fact that its in May will make things a bit more complicated. Also, I may to find more than two non-cyber friends who watch it to make it worth my while. 

Hmmm....anything else to discuss? It's very nice being home, but I think I've said that already. Still, I don't think there enough words to express it. I should probably go do homework now.
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