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New Jedi Order Explorations: Post 2: Vector Prime 1-53

I wanted to do this before the whole weekend got away from me, hopefully I can do it without another novel-length post. 

I'm really enjoying this little experiment so far. Reading has not been much of a chore, at least not any more than the beginning of most books are. Firstly, I have to take a second to comment on R.A. Salvatore. His presence in the series had been pretty much forgotten by me, but I'm really liking his writing. I'm sure I really liked him in the past because he wrote AotC, and I obviously used to love that. But, four years later, his writing is very impressive for me. In these first couple chapters, he has managed to set up a really cool start for the series, which probably seems much cooler because I know what it to come. Also, I always give props to the rare authors who title their chapters, not that I think all books would work with this, but its still cool. 
The beginning was very cool, sort of a classic Star Wars opener, where it starts all peaceful and then goes to hell. I actually came to realize that there are a lot of parallels between this scene and the opening of A New Hope. Leia's ship, on a diplomatic mission, etc. Also, the motif that George Lucas loved so much of having the droids be the observers of the series, seems present in these opening chapters in both C3PO and the 9PO. I like how the first chapter gives a good sense of Jaina's character, who for me was new when I started the NJO. It was weird seeing the name Jade Sabre, I had forgotten about that. I can't remember when that gets destroyed and Luke builds her the Shadow....? It did make me realize that, after the Shadow had been such a major player in the end of the NJO, it hasn't been in LotF at all. Weird/a major bummer. It feels weird to go into the book and have Mara already be sick, but I'm not really sure why I think that. 
On another note, I love the introduction of Nom Anor. The way he's acting as a subversive and getting people to hate machinery is so crazy/cool/creepy. Its cool to see the very beginnings of the character who is one of the most interesting ones of the whole series.  He's very dynamic, especially for a bad guy. Squeeeeeeee! 
The chapter at ExGal was interesting, that had totally slipped from mind. The whole thing seemed rather Contact-esque. I had remembered Danni from her romance (sort of) with Jacen, but her initial description this time actually reminded me a lot of Tenel Ka. So apparently Jacen has a type. Or maybe every girl in Star Wars just kicks butt. 
As far as the third chapter, it was very weird to revert back to the New Republic infrastructure and all that entails. It was also really weird to read about Borsk Fey'lya being such a scum bag, because all I can remember him for now is his awesome heroic death. I also noticed that I'm an idiot. I've been going around for years thinking that Cal Omas was non-human, I guess I was picturing him to be some species kind of like a Sullustan, but I don't know why because he's human! Silly Devin. But it was also weird seeing him on Fey'lya's council when I know all of what will happen to him next. (I'm probably going to say that way too many times in these posts). But what was most interesting here was that, in the first scene that Jacen and Luke are in, they're arguing. Not only that, they're arguing about reestablishing the Jedi Council and Luke's ability to control the Jedi or interfere with what Jacen perceives as the personal journey about becoming a Jedi. His arguing with Luke was in itself interestingly ominous, although the author's undoubtedly hadn't planned Jacen's fall at this point (I don't think....) but its also interesting to see in Jacen that idealistic thought which was so typical of him at the beginning of the NJO. This trait seemed to fade out of him as he aged, particularly after Anakin's death. Although now that I think on it, he seemed to be in the NJO very little after Star by Star excepting Traitor and Destiny's Way. But then this idealism seemed to reimerge in LotF. It reminds me a lot of the kind of idealism that Anakin displayed in that waterfall convo with Padme in AotC. Not a good thing. 
Okay, that's all I have the energy to say so far. I'm only one eigth of the way through, though, so much more to come.
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