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20 Minutes to Post Before Gilmore Girls is On....

Time for some speed typing. Got home from school about an hour ago, its hot and I have a headache. Also, have lots to do this weekend, so I'm not really looking forward to that terribly. On the other hand, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is on tonight, which I'm very excited about. Also, I just found out that Gossip Girl episodes won't be airing online anymore, which kind of sucks, but for me its actually kind of nice because it gives me an excuse to buy some to watch on my spiffy new iPod. I'm thinking about renting Atonement for the bus ride to states, but I should really do homework. OMG! States is a week from today. Its pitiful how little work we got done, but I can definitely understand now why the seniors weren't working last year, and its not just from laziness. However, the sophomores are working hard. I have no idea about the juniors. Frankly, for me, its not about the competition (especially because I finally got my Remote Sensing medal at regionals), its just about the experience, my very last SO competition. I'm so sad that Chris and Jenny aren't going. Stupid band trip!
So, summer's definitely on its way. It was 80 today, and very sunny. I've come to the realization that my summer wardrobe could use some serious help. I so wish I had time to go shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have all these great ideas, but no time to work on them. Stupid school. Right now, my first priority still has to be prom however. Not that I'm doing too badly, but its still needs work to get everything done on time. Right now, I really should do some cleaning up, because the house looks terrible, and I always have a hard time concentrating in a messy room. 
Darn, I could have sworn there was more I wanted to talk about, but now I can't think of it. Oh well, I'm sure it'll come to me as soon as I stop typing...Lol.

Tags: fashion, friends, gossip girl, ipod, movies, sball, school, science olympiad, tv

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