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Livin' Mi Vida Bastante Loca

Under a cut for length, apparently I'm a bit long-winded today. 

 Just chilling around the house today, or as chill as I can get while still getting some homework done. Thankfully, I'm already done my dreaded essays for Spanish, so that's a major burden off my shoulders. Also luckily, the deadline for my Candide paper got pushed back to Tuesday, so I'm not rushing to finish that (although I really should work on it). I have to get that and my last edition of Panther Potterwatch done before Tuesday, so I'm definitely not off the hook. I also have to read Man's Search for Meaning over the next few days, but after that I'm really off the hook for homework, with the exception of studying for my AP Spanish exam, working on my Bio project, and working on my Gettysburg. While is still a crapload of work, but at least its only three things left, and by Friday it will only be two.
Speaking of Lorca, I'm still progressing on my book, although I'd be more comfortable if I was further along. I was kind of hoping to read 100 pages of it today, but I probably shouldn't invest too much time in that considering what I have to do before Tuesday. I did read 20+ pages this morning and about that much last night. I'm definitely liking it, although I'm getting confused by a lot of the names and the less important people. But I knew when I started reading that if I was ever going to get this done in a timely manner, I would have to gut it. Not really in the way that I do with history books, I'm a bit more thorough, but there are some long passages telling the histories of these people that I skim. Moreover, even when I'm confused, I just keeping through, because as long as I'm getting the idea of how things are related to Lorca, of how these people affected him, I know I'll be fine. I'm already confident that I have plenty to fill a 5-7 page paper. Anyway, I'm about to read about Lorca meeting Dali for the first time, so that's quite exciting.
Also, as I was reading last night, I came across a really interesting tidbit. While most people you asked (at least most who knew anything about Lorca to begin with) would say his first play was Mariana Pineada, this was not the case. Before this, Lorca wrote a play based on a poem he had written, a poem he performed for the theater producer Gregorio Martinez Sierra. Unfortunately, this poem hath disappeared in the vastness of history. Sierra encouraged Lorca to write the play and helped him produce it, with puppets (you'll understand why in a moment). The performance was a monumental failure; hence Lorca's own reference to Mariana Pineada as his first play. But what struck me when I was reading this was the simple description that the author, Ian Gibson, gives of the play:
[T]he story of an injured butterfly which falls to the ground is tended by a colony of cockroaches, one of whom falls in love with the beguiling creature and dies heartbroken when the latter recovers the use of its wings and flies away.

First of all, when I read this, I was touched. And trust me, that was the first time a cockroach ever pulled at my heartstrings.... But that's the magic of Lorca for you.
And then, in a flash, I got it. Jacob.
Now, after having read SMeyer's explanation of the love triangle on her website and understanding how it actually made E/B better, I got over my desire to kill Jacob. But I certainly wasn't going to shed any tears over him like Yuxi and Christine. And, to be honest, I still won't be, but cockroach Jacob has my sympathy now. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the magic of Lorca. 'Nuff said.
On the subject of Twilight, been enjoying the fandom rather liberally recently. Collecting icons (I just changed seven of mine), reading fanfic, rereading parts of the books, etc. Also, a fanmix is definitely in the workings in my head, although it will probably be a while (as with the Star Wars one) before that comes to fruition.
OMG! Star Wars. I've been out of all my fandoms (in the la-la dreamland of the Cullens) that I haven't really been focused on the fact that Invincible is going to be out in like two weeks! Boo on senior stuff for not letting me have time to read it. After having read so much Jag/Jaina fanfic, I'm so ready for them to finally get together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have no idea what's going to happen to Jacen, but I can say that I'll kill anyone who spoils that for me. I feel like I should have more to say, but I'll probably be more excited in a while, when its closer to the release.
Speaking of releasing things, Weinberg still hasn't posted the list of Freshman Seminars for next year. I'm seriously going to combust here!!
I think I've run out of stuff to say for the moment. I apologize for being a Spanish dork, but that's just who I am.
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