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A Mid-Day Break

Woke up this morning and, as you can see, did the first part of my three-part senior year picspam. I had accumlated a bunch of pictures for it last night, but I rounded up a bunch more this morning. Right now I'm actually putting the pictures for part two onto my photobucket. After I worked on that, I decided I should finally get moving on my errands for today. I seriously needed to go shopping because there's never much food in the house that I like to eat, and my mom and I have serious trouble communicating about shopping. Its really much better if I do it myself and take ownership of it. Also, now that school's over, Mom wants me to make dinner sometimes, so I had to buy some supplies. 
Anyway, I combined the trip with a trip to Borders, which is right across the street from Genuardi's. I wanted to spend some of my gift card from Jane, but I actually spent it plus $30. I was thinking earlier that I would get my Dad a Father's Day present there, but since he doesn't read, that was a small problem. But then this morning, my weekly Borders email came and showed me that Emmylou Harris, who my Dad likes, has a new cd out. So I bought that (yay it was on sale!) and a card. Then I hopped over to the history section. Had anice chat with an older lady who was looking for some summer reading of her own. She was buying Team of Rivals and I gave it a big thumbs up. I saw several tempting books and ended up buying two: How the South Could Have Won The Civil War, which I basically knew I had to read when I saw it back in March, and The Confederate States of America: What Might Have Been, which looks to be a cool and very-academic conjecture. Then I bought Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights, the really pretty Borders Classics versions that were only $7 each. Woot! Shoppping was also nice, got some good ideas as to what to make and I used my Mom's club card which saved me like $20. 
Weather is much nicer today. I'm assuming that a cold front came in last night, because after a four-day heat wave, we had this crazy thunderstorm. Lightning was flashing through the sky for my entire drive home from work. It wasn't raining while I was driving home, but it already had a little, and there was steam rising from the road. It looked so cool! Now the temperature is much nicer, so I think I'll have to sit outside and read in a little bit. Although Mom wants me to do yardwork too. Bah humbug!
Also, I realized last night while I was lying in bed that I still hadn't heard anything about season 4 of So You Think You Can Dance. Which I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove. But then I remembered that I never watch tv anymore, so I'd have to check online. And lo and behold, I missed the whole beginning of the season. I'm sooooooooooooooo sad. But they're starting with the top 20 tonight, so I'll just start there and enjoy it as much as possible. Squee for SYTYCD awesomeness!

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