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Senior Year Picspam: Part Two: January-April

Under a cut of course...

In case you missed it: Part 1

One the first page of one of my favorite books, one finds the following sentence:

"When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it's not reasonable to grieve when it comes to an end."

And in this section of my picspam, I get to discuss the ultimate dream that I got live this year, being the captain of an amazing (that really isn't a good enough word) Science Olympiad team. Other than the sentence above, there is really very little I ca say to appropriate describe how much fun it was, and how rewarding all the hard work was in the end. My accomplishments as a captain and the memories I made with my teammates this year will be forever cherished.

So on to the pictures. (Since these are chronological, there are some non-SO ones in here, but its mostly SO.)

My amazing standparter and friend, Tina, turns Sweet Sixteen, and looks gorgeous while doing it!

At the beginning of the year, Jeremy suggested that we try going to this SO Invitational in January in Washington, D.C. At the time it seemed like a good idea, especially as a way to get ready for regionals, but it actually turned out amazing, because there were only 13 teams so we got a ton of medals. 

So here's Jillians puppy, named "Lillian" who became our unofficial mascot. This was very appropriate because when you squeezed its paw, its says "That's what she said." The dog is chilling, with Jillian's nametag, in our team's hq room at the Invitational. 

This is the board in Mrs. Ursillo's room (or team's hq at school). Everyday in the month before regionals, I would go in there and write reminders on the board. (One day I actually filled the whole thing and like 2 people came). Anyway, the top line says "There are only 30 days until regionals" And the bottom used to say "Please work hard because the captains are freaking out" until Jillian changed it to say "Please work hard because the Lockness monster is preparing to attack." She then illustrated that below. 

So, about two weeks before Valentine's Day, Sophie started thinking about fundraising ideas. I mean, after all, the Silvertones have singing valentines and Student Council has carnations. So Sophie came up with the idea of making cookies with iced messages on them. We thought it was a good idea, but we had no idea how good of an idea it was. We ended up selling almost 300+ cookies to be delivered on Valentine's day, and about 200 of them required messages. 
So, now we had to make all these cookies. Luckily we had the kitchen at Alex and Ellen's church, but it was still an intense affair. Most of the team was there at some point, but there were a few of us who were there from 5-1, which was intense. But we made $400+ and everyone loved them. So all was well.

Some cookies in the icing process

Writing icing messages. Those tubes made your hands cramp so badly! That me in the striped sweater. 

Yes, someone really had us write this on a cookie. There were a TON of weird messages, and a couple other nasty ones, but this one definitely takes the cake...or the cookie. 

Oooooh, on to regionals now! Definitely one of the best days in my life. Why? Because we got 6th (which was up two spots from last year) and I was so proud to have led my team to such success.

First, we have Chris in a tree:

Then Ellen, prepared for the Pentathalon:

The other reason this day was so amazing, Alex+Me+Percy (our binder)= 3rd place in Remote Sensing.

Our victorious team, ready for States!

A small intermission from the SO stuff, a picture of me and Tina before our mid-year orchestra concert. 

Later on, Barack Obama makes a stop at Strath Haven....

And I could see very well from my seat in the fifth row...

As Obama was Obama....

And had some amusing Obama moments...

And pontificated Obama-style....

And I got to shake his hand at the end!

And finally we headed off to States. States in my senior year really was a dream come true, even traditionally, nerdy moment of it *Sniffs*

Alex, looking pensieve, with a frisbee and some pizza. 

Alex and Me, with Percy and Alex's cowboy hat from the dollar store. Oh, and what are those around our necks...I think they're medals we got for 5th place at States in Remote Sensing, which I still can't believe. 

Definitely one of my favorite pictures ever. What's even better, we got 8th place at States! I can't believe that either. I was so happy and so proud of my team!

Part Three
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