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Rick Reily Completes My Existence

Been watching the US Open, but not too closely. No sightings of my beloved Luke Donald, maybe I should look online to see if he's even playing. Not only is Tiger playing, for the first time since the Masters, but he's playing in a group with Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott. Spectators, much? I've now heard the phrase "unprecedented pairing" about 1 million times. Not too much else of interest going on, one of the leaders is a qualifier from the Nationwide tour, which is really cute. 
Rick Reily, the SI humorist, did a little spot about an hour ago, one of his classic Phil vs. Tiger things. Needless to say, it was hilarious, filled with comments like "Tiger's caddy could bench press Phil's caddy 3 sets of 20." But he also said pretty much the best thing ever:
"Watching Phil play golf is like watching a drunk chase a balloon near a cliff."
Oh, so good!

In other news, did 2.5 hours of yardwork. Only 54 left....Yay! (not) Also, the internet is working again, but I really need to get cleaning before my crap swallows me whole.  
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