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My Very First Fanfiction

It's done and I'm so excited! Here goes:

Title: If Tomorrow Never Comes (1/2)
Author: jadediamondfire
Characters/Pairing: Jasper/Alice
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romance, kind of fluffy
Spoilers: Through New Moon
Summary: Jasper and Alice's reunion in New Moon

A/N: This is my first completed fic ever, in any fandom. Comments are greatly appreciated, as well as any suggestions. I hope you enjoy!

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Part 1

I was so desperate to feel any hint of her presence that I had opened my senses up to their fullest. After standing here for twenty minutes, however, this was becoming rather taxing. My mind was flooded with the impatience of people waiting for delayed flights and the overall stressful buzz found in every airport. There were others who waiting like us, some bored, some excited, but none anywhere as anxious as I was. After several minutes of trying, and failing, to maintain a calm exterior, I had felt Carlisle step forward, placing a hand on my shoulder. He spoke, far too quietly for any humans to hear: "She called and said they were all fine. You heard her voice and she will be here." He shook my shoulder a bit as he let go, stirring me from my reverie. I took a moment to feel out my parents. To say Esme was distraught would have been a terrible understatement: she was brimming with guilt and anxiety. I knew I was being terribly selfish – that I should be trying to calm her. I did make several attempts to help her, but I found that I could never calm myself effectively to help her.

Suddenly, I felt her. With my senses so heightened, her presence was overwhelming, like stepping into the summer sun after hours in a dark theater. I wanted to run to her right then and take her in my arms, but I thought better of it, if only to save Carlisle the trouble of dealing with the TSA. Instead, I waited patiently until I finally spotted her, some distance away, approaching at an annoyingly human pace. As she came closer, I was inundated with her happiness and her love for me, which easily eradicated the black void that had filled me for the last few days. The emotions were as powerful as the first time I met her. When I met her I had never felt anything like it before. After having lived in her presence for so long, however, I understood what I was missing, and only now that I had regained it did I feel whole.

Finally she was there, within a few feet of me, and I was far too possessed by the sight of her to even remember to greet Edward and Bella. While Carlisle and Esme fussed over them, I caught Alice’s gaze, allowing her to feel my relief, my joy, all of my love for her. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I was aware that, by opening up such powerful emotions, I was probably sharing them with others besides Alice, but I figured that, in this instance, I could do little harm.

She was inches from me now, but I still didn’t dare to touch her, afraid that she would disappear, that it was simply the world’s most perfect mirage before me. But then she took my hand, and it felt like my still heart had jumped to life. She began leading me away, along a different corridor than the rest of the family was taking. This corridor was far less crowded, and we walked in silence for some time. I only had eyes for her, my angel, but Alice was as hyper as ever, looking around excitedly. She eventually saw an advertisement that sparked some memory, and her eyes lit up as she launched into a detailed story about a yellow Porsche. By the time we had made it back to the car, I knew, without any needing Alice’s foresight, that there would be one in our own garage within a few months.

As I was reaching to put the car in reverse, I tore my gaze from her for a second to glance in the rear view mirror. It was then that Alice took my hand in hers, and as I turned to look at her again, her lips were suddenly on mine. My other hand left the steering wheel, moving to the nape of her neck, and I held her lips tightly against mine, kissing her with every ounce of my love. We didn’t need to breathe, which was good because neither of us did for several minutes. When we broke apart, she was smiling the purest of smiles, and I couldn’t help but smile myself.

"We need to go pick up Esme and Carlisle," she said, and I nodded in acknowledgement. When our parents had joined us, she greeted them and answered their initial questions before saying, "Edward will be home shortly after us and he and I will tell the whole family our story together." Carlisle nodded, acknowledging this as a statement of fact, not a dismissal.

I looked at the road even less than usual, keeping my gaze focused predominantly on Alice and relying on Esme and Carlisle to warn me of any trouble. Frankly, I really didn’t care if I crashed the car, because it wouldn’t hurt any of us, and replacing a $50,000 car was a small price to pay to be able to drown myself in Alice’s eyes. I was perfectly calm now and happier than I had been in a long time, knowing that I still had the sunshine that would light my way through eternity.


Part Two is completed, and will be posted tomorrow and is right here!
Tags: fanfic, twilight, writing

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