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If Tomorrow Never Comes (2/2)

Here's part two....

Title: If Tomorrow Never Comes (1/2)
Author: jadediamondfire
Characters/Pairing: Jasper/Alice
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romance, kind of fluffy
Spoilers: Through New Moon
Summary: Jasper and Alice's reunion in New Moon

In case you missed it: Part 1

A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who said such nice things about the last chapter, you made me squee like a teenage fangirl (oh, wait, I am a teenage fangirl). I hope you enjoy this one as well.

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Part 2

When we pulled into the garage, Jasper let go of my hand only long enough to race around the car to open the door for me. He took my hand again and stayed close to my side as we walked up to the house. It was a level of public affection that was rare for Jasper, and in that moment I feel in love with him all over again. Entering the house, we found it in pristine condition, as though we had only been gone for several hours instead of several months. Clearly, Esme had been here to clean earlier today.

Emmett and Rosalie returned with Edward shortly after and we all resumed our regular seats in the living room. Edward and I launched into our story then, and our discussions lasted for several hours. Jasper remained tersely silent throughout most of the day, but not out of anger. He squeezed my hand tighter than ever as Edward and I described our encounter with the Volturi. The only time Jasper left my side throughout the day was when he tried to mediate a reconciliation between Edward and Rosalie. This effort ultimately proved futile, and the family quickly returned to its discussions of other matters.

Later in the evening, Edward returned to sit with Bella and the rest of us took this as our cue to retire for the evening. Jasper and I walked upstairs, still silent. Without a question, I walked into his room. I smiled as I reabsorbed all the familiar details of the room and walked over to the dresser, placing my earrings on top of it while Jasper closed the door behind us. He spoke in a low voice then. "Are you sure you’re okay?"

"You know I am, Jasper." I knew then that he was hoping that the fear he was feeling wasn’t his own.

He opened his arms to me. "Come here." It was gentle, almost pleading, the way he said it.

I raised an eyebrow playfully. "Why don’t you come get me?" I saw it then, what I had been craving: his smile. And then I was off.

We both knew that he wouldn’t catch me until I wanted him to. He chased me around the room for less than a minute before I allowed him to grab me by the waist. He wrapped his arms around me and took a few steps, so that my back was now flush against the wall. I smiled up at him. "Oh no! You caught me!" I was still giggling as he bent down to kiss me. His lips claimed mine in a passionate kiss, which I returned with equal fervor. When we parted, I laid my head against his chest, and sighed as I inhaled his perfect scent.

"Bed?" he asked, whispering into my ear.

"Yes," I muttered into his chest. He left one arm around my waist, but the other swept under my legs instantly, lifting me effortlessly. He carried me to the bed, laying me down carefully, and lied down next me. We turned our heads to look into each other’s eyes, our faces only inches apart.

We lay there, staring into each other’s eyes for what could been five minutes or five years. Time was lost as our fingers intertwined, dancing intricately around each other. His other hand brushed along my side, moving up and over my neck. He cradled my head gently between his hands while his lips moved across mine softly. In his eyes, I was still the most precious flower, requiring the most careful treatment. At the same time, Jasper was pouring his love into me, a flood which washed away all the rest of the world. I moved my lips from his up towards his ear and whispered, "I love you, too." They were simple and superfluous words, but even after these many years, there was still a thrill to saying them.

Upon losing my lips, Jasper had moved to my neck. I knew now where this would end, but my own anticipation was superseded by the sensation of his lips on my neck, right behind my ear. I reacted instantly, molding myself into his chest, and I started working on the buttons of his shirt. When his lips finally moved back to mine, I opened my mouth to his, like a flower opening to the sun. I returned his kiss passionately, tangling my fingers in his hair. He rolled on top of me, his body sheltering my petite frame, enveloping me in his strong embrace.

He broke off our kiss and I opened my eyes. His lips were less than an inch above mine, his eyes burning. After all these years, he could have undressed me in seconds. Instead, he worked on my shirt tortuously, his lips teasing each new inch of skin that he uncovered. I arched against him and he growled quietly. He continued – his movements quickening as my desire coupled with his – until we were one once again. Jasper could feel my pleasure, and made certain that I could feel his as well. It reverberated between us until I lay shaking in his arms.

We lay there entangled for some period of time without bothering, or needing, to speak.

"You’re wearing your ring," he said, taking my left hand in his own.

Jasper was not accustomed to me wearing my wedding ring. After all, I couldn’t wear it to school and I wouldn’t wear it to go hunting. On the many occasions when I wanted to blend in with the crowd, a ring like this one – an ornate antique – certainly wouldn’t help…

I remembered immediately why it was there and was thankful that Jasper couldn’t read my thoughts. If I was going to die, I wanted to be wearing it. But Jasper could feel my sudden sadness. He pulled me to him tightly, holding me in a way that would have crushed a human in nanoseconds. I took his face between my hands and rested my forehead against his. "I meant to keep my promise," I said, trying to put all of my conviction behind my voice. I could see the sadness in his eyes.

"Besides," I said, smiling playfully, "it was nice to have something to show off for the Volturi. We can’t have them thinking we can’t take care of ourselves." I kissed him then, and I could feel his mood improving as he returned my kiss.

When our lips parted, I laid my head on his shoulder. I wondered if he was ever going to let me out of his arms again – and I knew I wouldn’t mind if he never did.

As I was lying there, I saw a flash of Bella sitting at our dining room table with the rest of the family. "Bella’s coming over. We should probably get dressed."

"Eventually," he said, and showed no inclination of moving.

"Oh," I said suddenly, after another image passed before my eyes. "Emmett’s not going to be happy about that." I decided to stop there, leaving him in suspense. That incident would be much better if Jasper wasn’t expecting it.

We stayed in each other arms until the last possible moment, watching the very beginnings of the sun rise, obscured by the thick mists of Forks. The slow rhythm of Jasper’s chest rising and falling lulled me into a state of perfect peace. Entirely too quickly, we heard Edward open the front door and call for us. I sighed as I sat up, realizing that forever would never be long enough for me to lie in Jasper’s arms.

Tags: fanfic, twilight, writing

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