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SYTYCD and Life Update

I was at work last night, which was exhausting and really busy. So I didn't get to watch the show until this morning. But boy was it worth the wait. There was so much good dancing! Plus, now that I have the tape, I can watch the review at the end and actually remember what I want to say. 

1. Chelsea and Thane's jazz -- Great song, the whole thing had lots of potential, but they were totally lacking energy and chemistry. Also, I totally agree with Nigel that the costuming was a MAJOR problem for this routine. 

2. Chelsie and Marc's Argentine tango -- wow, I liked that a lot more than last week's tango. They both looked great and they danced it super well. I didn't like Nigel's comment about it not being sleezy enough, because even if that is its traditional style, I don't want those dancers to be sleezy. These two are probably my favorite couple and that was a really great dance. 

3. Jessica and Will's hip hop -- I agree with whichever judge said it started out well but lost some energy. Still, it was quite good. Everyone was saying that Will is a genius but I actually liked Jessica's dancing in this one better. She was much better for me this week than in the tango last week. 

4. Kourtni and Matt's foxtrot -- I officially hate what they did to Kourtni's hair and Matt officiallly creeps me out. I guess it was technically good, but no aspect of it was pleasing to me. 

5. Courtney and Gev's contemporary -- the description of this made it sound really good and it mostly lived up to it. I could have used a bit more emotion and connection between them -- like Mia said, she didn't really melt into him properly. But it was still lovely. Dance+song is perfect for Edward and Bella, so I dedicate this one to them. 

6. Katee and Joshua's broadway -- well, Nigel was dancing after this one, and that basically says it all. I'm not a huge fan of Broadway, but this really was great. Definitely the other really strong couple of the season, two incredible performances in a row. 

7. Susie and Marquis's salsa - Pour Susie, I can't believe the choreographer called her a street dancer. What a dick! I thought it was a lot better than the judges gave them credit for, but I agree that Marquis was a little like a charicature.  (sp?)

8. Kerrington and Twitch's viennese waltz - well, I've already cried and its only episode two. This was great. An awesome idea and really well danced. Perfectly danced. Just wow. 

9. Comfort and Chris's krumping -- Really did suck. She didn't bring it and while I don't really agree with Nigel's extreme statement of "My granny's more gansta than Chris," he did look soooooooooooooo white. It was bad. And Comfort is already my least favorite dancer. Definitely.

Overall, a great show though. I loved Mia's commentary, but I missed her choreography. And I want my Shane Sparks still. My guesses for the bottom three this week: 

1. Chelsea and Thane
4. Kourtnie and Matt
9. Comfort and Chris, but maybe 7. Susie and Marquis

In other news, I'm off work today which is nice and I'm going to see Narnia tonight with Alex, which I'm super pumped for. Other than that, life's been pretty lovely. I think now I'm just going to clean for a little while (as always) and then I've got to go to a doctor's appt. to get my forms for NU signed. Fun stuff! (jk)

Oh, and one more thing: 
A totally random idea I came up with this morning, I don't know if its a good one, but here goes. 

Fandom YouTube Meme

Comment with a fandom that your interested in (from the list below) and I'll pick my five favorite YouTube videos for that fandom. I'm not saying I'll watch every video on YouTube to pick, but I'll look at a bunch and pick five good ones. Feel free to comment if there is a ship you really like/don't like from the fandom. For all of my fandoms, I tend to ship canon style. 

Star Wars (please specify movies vs. expanded universe)
Harry Potter
Gossip Girl
Gilmore Girls
Brothers and Sisters
One Tree Hill

Also, I can't promise an immediate response, because I have a job and whatnot, and this will take time, but I'll do my best. I hope you enjoy!
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