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Real Men Have Venom and/or Really Bushy Beards

Well, I'm back from work. I must say, opening definitely does have its advantages. Which is good, because I'm doing it for the next two days as well. Work definitely wasn't too bad at all. And I found out that I'm going to be working on the 4th of July, which is great because I didn't have any plans and I get time and a half.
Went to see Narnia again yesterday, Peter's still really sexy. Also, yesterday I fixed up my LJ profile with a bunch of icons, one for each of my ships. I think it looks really cute, but your opinions are more than welcome. Also, I've been working a bit more on the Twilight fanmix. I'm done looking for new songs, now its just time to weed out some and get them in order. Right now there are 34 songs, but that number will definitely be reduced. (I'm thinking in the ballpark of 24.) I don't know what I'm going to do about fanart/zip files, because normally these are required to post a fanmix on a community, but I don't know how to do either. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! If anyone has any brilliant ideas on this, let me know. Frankly, I don't mind too much if I won't be able to post it -- I do these things for myself primarily. I am excited however because I think there's a nice mix of songs on there and I hope that, in the very least, my fellow fanpires on my f-list can enjoy it.
Going to get back to reading Under A Marble Sky real soon. I'm only a hundred pages in, but I'm already addicted. My new quote on my sidebar is from the novel, although I'll probably replace it soon because I'm about to get to all the good romantic stuff. I know that Mom's going to run out of time to read it soon, but I can't bear to let it out of my sight. Also, she's probably going to be bothered by the fact that I've been taking crazy margin notes all over it.
In other exciting news, I finally got my Gettysburg paper back from Mrs. Shapiro, with surprisingly good results. Frankly, I thought the paper wasn't too good, because I had to rush to finish it in between all the other end of senior year craziness. I did lots of research but I could have used a bit more and I would have liked another 3-4 days to put the paper together. But I did do a lot of work, and it looks like it didn't turn out too badly. I think, to be honest, I'm upset because I was forced -- because of my time restraints -- to do a semi-Cliff Notes esque version of the paper. But while it was short, I made a real effort to make it high quality. I was really worried that Mrs. Shapiro was going to have the same complaints she had about the Lincoln/Davis paper (which I also needed more time on) which was that I didn't analyze my quotes enough. But apparently that wasn't the case. I think these quotes didn't lend themselves to the same analysis. Anyway, before I babble your heads off, here's what she said at the end:

A very strong analysis of the relationship between Lee and Stuart. Your essay includes excellent research on Gettysburg as I fully expected. You have also analyzed your evidence well, supporting your suppositions quite effectively. You have convinced me that I should no longer ignore the East Cavalry Battlefield. You have earned your place among the Shapiro stories- I’ll add that to help make the actions of Lee more understandable. You do want to vary your transitions a bit relying less on And and But as the first words of sentences (can use them but there are other even better transitions). You have a few other minor typos but truly this is a strong essay with an excellent thesis and a solution to one of history’s mysteries that makes a great deal of sense. Well done. I now know even more about Gettysburg than I did after writing my graduate class paper on it. Mission accomplished!

So squee for that. I think I'll have to post the essay on here, after I clean it up a bit. Also, definitely making me want to go out to Gettysburg this summer. I'll have to get researching on that. Woot for the Civil War!
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