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Squee for College Shopping!

Wow, I'm really tired. It's surprising how shopping can take it out of you. And I had a big lunch, so that's probably not helping. 
Mom and I went out for few hours today and made various stops. First, I left Christine's birthday present on her doorstep. Then we went to Target to look for the some college stuff. I actually bought a comforter, because I fell in love with one. It's much prettier and cheaper than the Ty Pennington one at Sears. It's reversible, too. One side is solid dark pink and the other has stripes of light pink, dark pink, red, orange, and yellow. Yay, I'm so excited! I also got some pink sheets, although I'm planning on getting another set. I bought a small lamp with a clip and a pink shade-type thingy. And I got this really cute plastic organizer with lots of small stackable compartments which I think will be great for makeup and jewelry. I might get another, because they can stack with as many as you want, and I'm kind of in love. And then I got the Kate Nash cd, because it was cheap and I love her. We went to Borders and I preordered my copy of  Breaking Dawn. I also picked up The Host, even though I don't intend to read it right away, because it was 40% for Borders Rewards customers. And when I was paying the girl was trying to tell me about all the activities before the midnight release and I was like "Well, I'm actually going to see Stephenie Meyer in New York." And she just about died. It was really funny. And then Mom and I went to Enterprise to scope out the minivan we're going to rent to drive out in September. 
And now I'm sitting here, very tired, which isn't good, because I've got to go practice violin in like a half and hour and I need to do laundry. But SYTYCD is on tonight, so squee for that. 
Okay, meme time.

iTunes Song Lyrics Meme
Snagged from harryginny
Put your iTunes on shuffle, then list the first one or two lines of each of 25 songs that come up. Then others can guess what songs they are. 
(I have some really obscure tastes, so I'll try not to include anything that NO ONE will know.)

1. I'm gonna make it bend and break (It sent you to me without wait)
2. You think you know me/ Word on the street is that you do
3. Think about the love inside the strength of heart/ Think about the hero saving life in the dark
4. Hold on to me love/ You know I can't stay long
5. Crashed on the floor when I moved in/ This little bungaloo with some strange new friends
6. What would do if I sang out of tune?
7. I know what you did/ Like a boy of summer gives his first kiss
8. Take a look at my girlfriend/ She's the only one I got
9. Don't know what I was looking for when I went home/ I found me alone
10. I got a lot to say to you/ Yeah I got a lot to say
11. This was just a matter of me getting what I needed/ Till I was safe upon the other side of the international date line
12. Of all the things I've believed in/ I just want to get it over with
13. Making my way downtown/ Walking fast, faces pass, and I'm homebound
14. I'm in the business of misery, let's take it from the top
15. How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
16. I want to love I want to leave/ I want you to love me I want you leave me
17. Fall back/ Take a look at me and you'll see I'm for real
18. Man once sang to me/ Look at you saving the world on your own
19. Call me out/ You stayed inside
20. Sick and tired of this world/ There's no more air
21. Something about the way you looked at me
22. If only I knew what I know/ I'd make a point to say so
23. So I'm a little left of center/ I'm a little out of tune
24. I've gone for too long, living like I'm not alive
25. Drink up baby down/ Are you in or are you out?

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