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Yardsale Madness

My room and the family room are in absolute chaos because I've been digging out stuff for the yardsale, which is going to be Saturday. Combine that with some general messiness and the fact that I brought a bunch of stuff home from Dad's yesterday and its really bad. So I still have a few hours until I go to work, and I think I'll use that mostly to try and chip away at the mess. After all, I can't read Beneath A Marble Sky, because Mom took it downtown with her. She still hasn't started, even though our bookclub meeting is on Thursday. On the other hand, my window to finish those last 60 odd pages is growing ever smaller. 
Christine and I went to see Wanted yesterday. It was very entertaining and I definitely recommend it. James McAvoy was quite sexy in it. Then we went to Borders for about two hours. We ran into to some friends from school there, otherwise we definitely wouldn't have stayed as long. I didn't buy anything, mostly because I've got enough books at home to keep me occupied for a while. Maybe I should start my next book today, since I'm so close to being done Beneath A Marble Sky. 
While I'm on the topic of things to buy, however, I think I seriously need seasons 4 and/or 5 of Gilmore Girls, because I've watched 2,3, and 6 way too much. I also still haven't bought the third Pirates, which is important, because I'd like to try to unravel it, if that's possible. And I want to buy Pan's Labyrinth, especially so Christine and I can watch it, but when I looked yesterday, it was $35!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mostly because it was a two disc, which kind of sucks because I don't want a two disc for that movie. So, for all of these things, I'll have to keep an eye out for where I can get them real cheap. 
Okay, I think that's all for the moment. As usual, I've forgotten half of what I wanted to talk about.

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