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Life and Literati

I'm back from helping my dad for a second day. Not as much hard work as yesterday, but it was boring and hot. I'm happy its over, even if I did get another 6 hours of credit. On the ugly side, my dad decided he wants me there at 7 AM tomorrow, which is really sad. I told him if that was the case, he was buying me a Carmel Macciatto. Which then started a lecture about the evils of Starbucks. So I guess I'm buying myself a carmel macciatto. 
Speaking of fun at dad's and the fun I had there yesterday...I knew the mosquitoes were getting to me yesterday, but I had no idea how madly. But I just counted, and I have 36 bug bites on my legs. Not fun. 
In other news, still no sign of my AP scores. The College Board really does seem determined to extract every last ounce of pain out of me that they can. I got my schedule for next week, and I'm back to working 23 hours, which is good. I have Wednesday and Thursday off, so I should figure out something to do on one of those days. As soon as I'm done this post, however, I'm going to have to attack the family room, because my crap is seriously about to swallow me whole. And that would be unfortunate. 
I watched the Northwestern video. It was really pretty terrible, but it got me excited nonetheless. Also exciting, my friend, Tara, who always dreamed of going to Smith, finally got off the waitlist and got the aid she needed, so she's going. I'm massively excited. It will also be very nice because I can visit her and Hayley at the same time. I still haven't had any luck convincing Dad to let me visit Caroline at Pitt on the way to NU, he's got the usual stick up his butt. Oh, and I think its about time to switch up my icons soon. 
Okay, enough totally random rambling about life. I did have another purpose with this post. Just some YouTube goofiness which I'm hoping the Gilmore Girls fans on my flist will enjoy. 

 So I was poking around YouTube yesterday, and I ended up looking for some good Literati videos. So I thought I would share some of my faves, just for enjoyment purposes, with some comments along the way. 

El Tango de Lorelai 

I actually went looking for this because I love this song. I was expecting to find a Rory/Dean/Jess type thing but this was what I found instead. A little different interpretation, but I think this makes a lot of sense too. Actually more sense now that I think about it. And I love how she uses the part from Philly in the middle. With the exception of the slow-motion shot of Logan getting out of his car, it was great. 

Rory and Jess: Who's To Say

My first note is that I love this song, mainly because I love the entirety of the Vanessa Carlton cd it came from. And its a great song for them. I usually don't like videos with the musician cut in, but this one works really well. 

Everytime We Touch -- Literati

I have to take a moment to sidetrack and say that this song has a very personal meaning for me, so I don't take well to people mocking it. Yeah, okay, I know its not great, but it still means a lot to me. With that said, I also can't stand the candlelight version of this. Okay. 
With that said, this video is ridiculously fast. (About as fast as they talk on the show.) But jam-packed with delicious moments. And it includes the umbrella moment, which is one of my favorites ever!

Literati -- Hey There, Delilah

Warning: This one takes a long time to load because it's a three-way split screen, but its worth it. It uses stuff from GG (of course), as well as bits from Heroes and the music video. I've never seen a video done like this, and its really impressive. And the concept is nice too. 

On Fire -- Literati

Okay, I'm out of creative comments. It's just good. 

Okay, well that's it. I hoped you enjoyed. 
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