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New Stuff!

Today was the infamous yardsale, which went quite well.  I am real tired though, since I worked there from 7-1. Then I came home and showered and then Mom and I went out computer shopping. Which is where the ultimate exciting news comes from:

I got my laptop for college! It's at Staples right now getting loaded with software, but I should be going to pick it up sometime in the next two hours. I'm ridiculously exited. It's an HP. I really already knew (for a week) that this was the exact model I was getting, I just had to make sure everything would work out and fit NU's requirements. I also got a security chord and a wireless mouse. I'm really excited about the latter because it's pink and adorable. But now I'll have to add to my to-do list finding a cute mousepad. 

Anyway, to celebrate my new purchase, and the end of this yardsale madness, I changed out my icons. Woot!

Not too much on the plate for tomorow, just some violin practice and work for 5.5 hours. The family is clean again, but my bedroom still needs some major help. Maybe I should work on that while I'm waiting for the guy to call about my laptop. Oh, I'm so excited to get it home and play with it. 

Also, I watched the Twilight preview from the Penelope DVD. It was cute -- I think RPattz and KStew have the makings of some great chemistry, although I'm still not totally sold. And I still find his Edward a bit creepy. 

And where the hell are my AP scores?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!  
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