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Peep Toe Pumps and Patent Leather

Here's what will possibly a new tradition. I felt like writing, but not about anything in particular, so I stuck five awesome Yellowcard songs into a playlist and I'll just write until they're over. Who knows, could be something I learn to love, or something I forget about in an hour. Anyway...

It's currently my default userpic, but I'll leave it on for this entry so people can see it in the years to come (ha!), btu that awesome cuteness is from Becoming Jane which I saw twice in three days. I was originally going to post just about it, but the time got away from me. Anyway, amazing movie, definitely go see it. James McAvoy is hot beyond words. Eons better than even Jude Law in The Holiday, which is really saying something seeing as one of my friends categorized the latter performance as "orgasmically hot." The movie was amazingly put together, great cinematography, great everything else. Great acting, sooooooo moving, I was so about to cry for the last half.
As the title of my post indicates, I did some shoe shopping. Part of the new, post What Not To Wear obsession Devin. The clothes are on Friday, but that should be a little harder. Anyway, that day I had just finished The Bell Jar, so I was determined to have some patent leather shoes. And now I can be a little Sylvia Plath....without the oven for the moment. 
I just filled out three entries (in mine and my parent's names) for the Jo Rowling reading in New York. They only allowed one entry per person, otherwise I would have tried a ton, so my odds are pretty impossible. 1000 winners out of (my mom guesses) 400,000  and I guess 1,000,000. Still, I'll take me mom's guess, sounds like a plan to me!
So now, I've still got two summer reading books left, plus review sheets, golf, and other miscellaneous before school tasks. A little overwhelming but I guess I'll have to handle it. I'm seriously putting off ACT prep and college applications, but I guess there's nothing to do but bite the bullet. Certainly I'm not going to be less busy once school starts. Desperately waiting on Thursday, when I find out if I get a parking spot at school, although I guess I can hope they inform me sooner. Application deadline was today, hopefully mine will do the trick. They're a pretty hot commodity because of the construction at the middle school. Still, even though I don't have a college class, I did think up a million reasons why I should have one so hopefully that will make an impression on them. 
My precious Yellowcard cd was eaten by my cousin's cd player. But, while I may not have actually bought a new one just for the disc itself, when I was in Target I saw that there was a special two-disc with a dvd, so I'll buy that and have my super-special YC cd again. 
Progress on my fanfic is slowing up, but I refuse to stop. Last week I seemed to have an irresistible urge to write, which has since dissipated, but maybe in part that's due to all the reading I have. But, maybe I'll be lucky and a desire to write is somehow wrapped up in my monthly hormonal cycle and it'll come back in full force later. Actually, this is the first time I mentioned it here, so I'll be all official/excited: I'm writing a Remus/Tonks fiction! They're definitely my HP OTP right now (and have been since the release of the OoTP movie) and probably my OTP in general. Fic is going to be a LONG haul, but I'm dedicated, even if I have no bleeding idea what I'm doing. I've handwritten a ton, so if nothing else, if I want to be productive but not inspired, I'll type some. Been working all over the place, wherever inspiration strikes, as in different parts and different chapters. Still, getting all too distracted by reading fanfic and other diversions which are not as productive, and the productive ones too.
Oh, last song, what else to say.
Finished The Things They Carried, last chapter was the first that I kind of liked. But it was totally random, like out of another book, so whatever to that. The Bell Jar was even better the second time. Definitely have a thing for Plath. Oh, story time: when I was in Borders the other day buying Catch 22 (too tired to italicize) I went  to look for Plath's Ariel, book of poetry, and I was disappointed that it wasn't there but ....The first book I saw was by Borges, who is the subject of one of UChicago's essay questions. May be a sign? I don't know, because I really like one of the other questions. 
Well, music over. Summer reading slave over and out.
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