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Waiting For the Rain to Fall

This is one of those days when I have to believe in fate. I had a tough day. Humidity+heat+too many difficult math problems+bad genes= migraine. But, when I got home, I switched on the tv, and saw that my usual shows I watch in the afternoon weren't on. So I switched on MTV, to find TRL on, because it is on at a special time for this week only. And who walks on to the screen just as I sit down.....? None other than Amy Lee. 

I LOVE Amy Lee!


So, not only did I get to hear her talk about all sorts of amazingness (eg anything she says), but I got to see the premiere of the video for Good Enough. So anyway, if those circumstances weren't a fanciful alignment of the stars, I don't know what is. So, that is a big thing for me, and therefore, I feel obligated to talk about it. Especially because I'm going to be super busy for the rest of the week, so I don't think I'll have time again for a while and then I'll forget. So, here goes:

So: Good Enough. There are a lot of reasons I love this song. I love the band, although I'm a pretty new fan. I still don't own about 10 of the songs on Fallen, but I guess I'll get around to that eventually. Still, The Open Door means soooooo much to me. When I first got seriously into Evanescence was around the time that I was into examining albums as a whole (really just YC and a few others) and looking for how the album as a one work worked. (That sentence made sense in my head). I have always seen Good Enough as a conclusion, which it is of course, but also a way of ending the darkness in the beginning of the album. I was really happy today when Amy said that's basically what it is. Anyway, I've always loved their two most recent video's: Lithium is my ultimate love of a music video ever. So lets just get to the video itself, because otherwise we'll be here forever:
Amy looked gorgeous of course, her eyes totally pierced right through the camera. Her hair was great, the close ups of her hands, lips, and eyes were all stunning. Shoes and trail on shirt were also really pretty. The whole burning, rain, and regrowth thing was a really amazing idea, which keeps growing on me more and more with each time I watch the video. I think its great in that it shows that you can reduce emotional damage (burning it), get over someone/some problem(s) (rain), and cover it up (growth), but it will never truly be gone. Now I'm realizing that this song is really very universal, it applies to much more than just relationships, although the lyrics are definitely relationship focused. I've only watched the video three times so far, but on the second I was stuck by how the whole death/rebirth (pain) thing reminded me of Plath and the Bell Jar (I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE that book too). That was really cool. I am really confused about why she buries the guy's picture at the beginning, because what Amy said on TRL seemed to imply that the "new guy" is actually the old guy minus the drama. But maybe she didn't want to get that personal with the video. I also like how its her touch (or presence) that's melting the stuff (at least at first) because it shows how self motivated you have to be to get over stuff. The whole sun appearing at the end was amazing, because that's pretty much the way the song works on the album, so I have though since I first heard this song. 
Okay, one more watch, to see some more stuff: 
Okay, pausing and writing:
Love the set, especially how everything is timeless, which is pretty much all of their Open Door videos. 
Love the idea of the flowers sprouting around her writing. 
Also reminds me a little of the opening of Pirates 2, but a little more intense. 
Good video, maybe I'll say more later, maybe I won't. 
If you want to watch:
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