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The Princess's Hard-Knock Life

Its been a while since I've updated, so I just thought I'd check in. I only have about a half hour until I have to get off the computer, and nothing specific in mind to talk about, so I won't promise anything spectacular in this post. Read on if you're really that bored. 

I suppose it would be totally superfluous (I love that word) to say that life has been crazy. As my title indicates, life has fluctuated a ton from great to horrible and generally all over the place. Right now, I'm just sort of feeling overwhelmed with life in general (which is really like the vaguest and more unsolvable problem.) There are so many things vying for my attention, and I always feel like I'm missing out on something fun or important. I keep thinking that life will make more sense once I'm in college, but I realize that I really have no reason to believe that. There are just so many ideas flooding my consciousness; I'm really beginning to understand Mediated, how all of these options desensitive us and make us into creatures of "whatever." I mean honestly, I'm supposed to be concerned about school, activities, my health, the environment, the economy, foreign affairs, community service, media, reading, college, and my own interests (maybe!). Ugh.
So, let's see, some specifics. House hasn't been amazing so far, I really miss Chase and Cameron, nothing is the same without them. Plus one of the Mowry twins was on this week and I deplore them, so that pretty much ruined it for me. Didn't really get to see ANTM or Gossip Girl last night because I was doing calc homework, but they seem to be going fine (not great, but fine). First Grey's had some good laughs, but I really don't like Lexi, and after reading a friends post about it, I'm starting to see how obnoxiously annoying Meredith and Merder are. Good thing that are still some good other characters, even if I am really anger that McButtface (Sloan) is still around. As for the whole Callie/George/Izzie love traingle, I'm pretty torn about it. My firend, who self-identifies a ton with Callie (and she actually is that awesome), is really hoping George doesn't leave Callie. On another hand, she's still a delusional Denny/Izzie shipper to the extent that I dare not mention that he' I can definitely identify with Izzie, particularly the position that she's in now. But I understand that Callie could possibly kill her, so maybe she shouldn't split up their marriage. May be too late?....I don't know. 
Well, I got to go check out a bunch of other stuff online, so this is my pathetic attempt to remind people that I'm alive, if only just. 
P.S. I love Zach Braff; he's a freakin' genius.

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