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Purple Rain

Feeling pretty good right now, and I am acutally not super stressed today, so I thought I'd update. I guess I'll have to start by saying that I know Purple Rain is some sort of pop culture reference, but I actually don't know what to, so please don't think that I have any allegiance to it. I was just trying to be cute and also relate a little to what's been going on. So, once again, I'll go with a cut, because I've got lots to talk about, but for a bit of an intro, I'll try to tell you about my trip, school, and other stuff. Sounds thrilling, doesn't it?

As the title would imply, life seems to be settling down. I think I am getting back into the groove of being busy, and recently, I've been enjoying life a lot. I'm still busy, but I hate having nothing to do, and most of the things I have to do aren't that bothersome. Weather, however, has not been a good mood recently. In the past two weeks, both here and in Chicago, I've come across all manner of crazy weather, namely a few deluges, some intense thunderstorms, and even a little hail in Chicago. This comes after I was getting throughly frustrated with the way that warm temperatures were continuing into the fall. However, I am now thankful for these storms because they seem to be a rather explosive transition into real winter. I just stepped out of my house for the first time today about 30 minutes ago, and it was cold! Squee! Apparently global warming means that not only will there be crazy storms in spring, but also in autumn. Can't really take that as a good sign. Seriously, I'm worried about global warming. I mean, imagine what it will be like in 30 years? Scary. On the bright side, Extreme Home Makeover is going green tonight which is soooooo great. I love everything going green. HP, CosmoGirl, ANTM, Makeover. What's next?!?!
To address shows, because I love to do that:
Brothers and Sisters: not likely all of the failed marriageness. Justin is going to be in trouble very soon, which is very sad. And I love Rob Lowe. Other than that, not much to talk about.
House: Glad that Foreman's back, I think absense definitely made my heart grow fonder of him. Also, Mormonism to Salem to Ergot Poisoning connection has had me amped for several days now, that was amazing!
ANTM: Yay, Ebony's gone!
Gossip Girl: I am so beyond addicted! Dan+Serena forever. Actually quite saddened last night that there's very little D/S fanfic out there. Oh, and go Jenny for pwning Chuck, el diablo himself.
Grey's: Once again, super enjoyable. Yay for Alex and Ava. He better go get her!
So, I'm now finished, completely, my application to UChicago, which I submitted at noon today. I still have seven left, but they're all common, with 6 supplements, so not really that much work. I'll just keep chipping away. Right now, I don't really have a top choice. I'm really holding my breath, however, for yeses from Yale (a long shot), Northwestern, or Tufts. My visit at NU was super fun, but UChicago was a fiasco, so I don't know what to do about that. Thankfully I was applying EA, not ED. *Huge sigh*
Well, I think that's about it for now. Oh, and I saw Across the Universe. *Loves* It was a little too eclectic for some of my friends but I loved it. Julie Taymor definitely gets categorized with Luhrman and Burton, which is a very good thing in my book. Although, in many ways, she was less crazy than these fellows, but I love them all. 
Okay, actually going to stop writing now.
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