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Presents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Wow, I am four apparently....)

A summary of the loot and general update on life. Before I continue, I suppose I should wish everyone a Merry Christmas and say I hope you're all having lots of fun doing.... whatever you're doing. 

I guess I'll start with the rents. My mom signed everything from her "Mom and Dad" and my dad signed everything from him just "Dad", so it was easy to tell who bought what. 

Harry and the Potters: Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock -- I actually already have this, but it was a very nice gift nonetheless. 
A really awesome purple long-sleeve shirt from American Eagle
The most perfect hoodie from American Eagle, which I think I'm going to exchange for a friendlier color than white
An amazing red wool and cashmiere coat, its sooooo gorgeous, I cried when I opened it

The March By E.L. Doctorow -- about Sherman's march to the sea. I love Civil War, and Doctorow comes with recommendations from my seminar teacher, who I basically think is god. 
The world's softest Dumbledore's Army blanket, the mate to which I just gave my best friend
Mr. Jefferson's Women by I don't remember -- I also love TJ, so there was much squeeing for this. 

OotP calender
$30 iTunes card- which is currently making me very happy

Tags: christmas, civil war, hp, jefferson

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