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Of Mood Themes and Really Hard Calc Homework

Finally got myself a proper mood theme, the purple stars were getting boring. Gotta love Chuck/Blair. Not that I don't love Serena/Dan also. I must now thank kristallmond  for making it, it really is awesome.

Today has been quite un-thrilling. I did have French Toast for breakfast, which was quite the luxury. Other than that, I spent about two hours doing calc homework and could only get three of the 20 problems. The really sad thing is that, in class, I felt that I totally understood this section, but I'm just not getting the right answers. Hopefully some of my problems are just calculation errors. Still, there was one where I had to find the area of a region which, according to my drawing, doesn't exist. Also read some more of White Noise, which we're reading for seminar. Its not hard to read, but the lack of real plot makes it hard to maintain my attention.  I still have to read some poetry for English, but maybe I'll just do that during instrumental music. I need to get moving on taking down Christmas decorations, or they'll still be there in April. In all seriousness though, I was planning on moving back to Dad's after finals, and I really need to finish that first. 

I've also been doing lots more daydreaming about my Star Wars fanmmix. This has been, for the past two months or so, a nice little mental distraction from the sad realities of my life. I've actually got quite a few songs written down on my random list of ideas, but I still don't really know exactly where I'm taking this. Originally it was going to be only a NJO fanmix, but I ended up with some really good LotF songs, so I just decided to expand it to the whole saga. Also, I wanted it to be a general fanmix, but its really very couples focused. Right now, the plan is to do a bunch more song prospecting, at which point I'll probably end up with like 40-odd songs, and then cut it down. Normally I cut fanmixes so they're able to fit on one cd (that is, one of my 80 hp cds) but if I end up with more than 80 minutes of good stuff, maybe I'll leave it longer. I know right now that some of the stuff I could bear to part with. Most of it is very serious, but there are some just for fun songs, like "Stronger". And now this gives me yet another thing to do, along with posting writing, I need to post some fanmixes as well. 

Speaking of posting, I've been tempted a few times to doctor up my Christian Science paper so I could post a shortened version. I am very proud of it, like I was with my Argentina paper, which I posted, but this one is twice the size of the other. And I really don't feel like revisiting the editing process, and I really don't know who's so interested in Christian Science (besides me now) so scratch that idea. 

Maybe I will post some writing now. Still have plenty to do, but screw responsibility. At least I'm not breaking into the school pool, drinking, and using drugs. 

On the hand, that sadly means I cannot be sleeping with Dan Humphrey, Chuck Bass, or Nate Archibald. But there was an adorable Chace Crawford poster in this month's CosmoGirl, so that somewhat compensates.
Tags: ap calc, ap english, christmas, csss, gossip girl, mood theme, music, star wars

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