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Partying Like A British Girl In Green Eyeshadow

Spent most of the weekend being not terribly productive. Watched a LOT of ANTM, which doing various other things. For some reason, I felt like reading my Manners book, so I looked into that for a while, but I'm not sure what exactly I think about that. Some of the advice I think is very good, other things are way to far over the top for me. I cleaned up for a while on Saturday; did a major vacuuming job, but my folding to be done keeps piling up. At this rate, I might as well just leave it in the baskets for when I move to Dad's. I had a small amount of work to do to finish up an assignment analyzing a section of Dubliners, which was actually pretty cool because I got to discuss dichotomies between warmth and cold and how they represented greater concepts like hospitality, romance, isolation, and death and built up to the epiphany in the story. Other than that, I spent a ton of time today doing a single calc assignment which was frustrating, but I suppose a somewhat good prep for the final. I eventually got everything except one problem. 
I'm surprisingly calm (maybe I've just reached apathy) about my upcoming finals, which is weird because they're hard, major grades, and the last thing that goes into the my application. So if I bomb something, that'll hurt my chances. After this, I really don't have to care, both because of the classes I'm taking and the date. Right now, I have to get working on the four essays I've got to write during my Seminar final; I already have the topics, but that only makes them moderately less ugly. That's the only test I have on Thursday, then on Friday I have Calc and English, which should be tough, but probably not as bad as last winter when I had 20th Century and Bio on the same day. Right now, I'm going to stop discussing it, because that is not helping at all. 
One of the definite perks of watching all that ANTM was getting to see MTV's artist of the week (I loooooooooove that they do that). This week's artist totally caught my eye, I listened to/watched some of her stuff on YouTube, and I like it, but I'll have to ponder any purchasing. Anyway, her name is Kate Nash, and she's an absolutely adorable British girl. I have absolute "Anglophilia" right now, that's probably why I think Love Actually is so adorable. I have to decide how much of her appeal for me derives from her English accent. However, she was rocking some green eyeshadow and singing to a dinosaur skeleton, so I have to give her major points for that too. 
On Friday I spent about three hours making the final sweep on my Star Wars fanmix, which I'm really excited to have done. (I promise I'll post it here when I'm ready to do it very nicely.) It ended up being longer than one cd, but I couldn't bear to cut any more songs. Since I'm only on cds in the car or my bedroom (sometimes) its not really necessary either. If I wanted to make a cd however, I could cut off the first three songs, which are the ony ones that actually fit the movies, and just have a post-movies fanmix. I ultimately decided that the three prequel era songs, while a little out of place, were really awesome and make a really cool tragic sort of intro to the rest of the mix. The mix probably has a bit more of LotF focus than I expected; I think that's probably to do with the fact that is on my mind more than the NJO. I'm just generally really proud of the whole thing; I thinks its fun, diverse, and also very meaningful. I can't wait to make my formal presentation. 
Let's see, what else to discuss. I do want to talk about shows, but I keep short changing myself on time. Last Brothers and Sisters tonight, makes me sad. Somebody pay Greg Berlanti, he's god. Still haven't started taking down the tree, don't know when I'm going to find time to do that. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! One more week, Devin. Be calm. Think happy thoughts of shopping. 
Tags: antm, ap calc, ap english, brothers and sisters, csss, music, star wars

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