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Peace Be With Me

Take a deep breath, a really deep breath, hold it for a while, then let it out really slowly. Feels good, relieving. Multiply that feeling by 10,000, and that's how I feel right now. This crazy week of finals is over, this crazy semester is over, college apps are over..... I am at peace. I've keep thinking "What do I have to do this weekend?" and smiling when I realize: nothing. Now I am free to chill with my friends, goof around, take nice classes, and be a proper captain for my team. What's up for next semester?
AP Spanish Lit
Physics H
Independent Study in the Civil War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AP English
So that's going to be lovely. Right now I don't really have much to talk about. My brain is rather scrambled because I had to take two tough finals and I felt like crap and then I spent five hours in a hottub (despite the fact that there's snow on the ground). Now I'm in the ultimate tired lethargic lazy, but blissful state and ready to sit at this computer and enjoy myself. I'll probably make some more posts later about specific things I want to talk about, but right now I'm not really feeling articulate.
Tags: ap english, civil war, finals, physics, spanish

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