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Jacen Solo ... There Are No Words

Well, I'm now about 200 pages into Fury, I've read about all of that in the last two days. For the first time in a long time, I'm totally immersed. (Probably because I don't have any homework to feel guilty about not doing.) As usual, I am beyond pissed at Jacen, but I'll tell you about that under the cut. Major spoilers, obviously. Oh, and if you're the kind of person whose bothered by it: I'm really into Star Wars, so there's a bit of content inappropriate for children under the age of 13.

So, I just got to the part where Jacen revealed his identity to Allana. Went a little better than when Vader did it, but then again, she is four and still possess all of her limbs. I sooooo wanted her to lunge with that injector pen. I really hope Tenel Ka kicks his ass for royally fucking up their daughter. I'm actually surprised that they got so far without anyone (except Lumiya) finding out. I really wish Tenel Ka would tell someone, because I think she deserves a lot of sympathy , but after what Jacen's done, Allana would really be in a crap load of danger. Let's see, what else is on my mind....
Lando and Tendra are expecting.... that's beyond strange, but kinda funny I guess. I'm happy that the gang is making progress on the Alema front, but I looked forward a little, and I am not looking forward to the return of the force-sensitive mynock appartions. I mean really.... there's weird and then there's just too weird. 
I was very sad when Luke was flying and kept thinking about Mara. I actually hadn't been thinking about Mara's abscence too much, but that was like a major thud in the chest. Damn you Jacen! Speaking of which, Ben hasn't really been in the book much, which I guess is a tradeoff for other books that he was in a lot and Jaina wasn't . Still, he is on the cover. I wonder if the "Fury" is in reference to him. I hope not. I was really pleased by the whole Darth Vader convo that he and Luke had at the beginning of the book. 
You know who else hasn't been in this book much.... Tahiri! Not sure whether or not that's a good thing, considering what Jacen has done to her. A litle flashback: A few weeks ago, I started Inferno at like 11:30 at night, so I was half asleep, but I almost fell out of my chair when, about ten words in, I came across the word "grashal". That one word alone was enough to trigger the flood of memory and emotion. 
Now, I have to say, I cannot count the number of times I have sat there in blind shock while reading this series. There's been a lot of gaping and screaming of explicatives. But this was really beyond belief, I could not believe Jacen would do something like this. I was generally happy with the results -- I am like the biggest Anakin/Tahiri shipper ever. Still, when Jacen goaded Tahiri about not tell Anakin that she loved him, I was ready to dive into that book and cut him to pieces myself. I absolutely love that Tahiri hasn't gone off to be with anyone else (even if the Jack Dawson in Anakin wouldn't approve) but I hate that it's made her vulnerable to Jacen. This is one of those things that I consider to be in sacred territory. Maybe even moreso than Mara (which I know is saying something big), you just don't mess with Anakin's girl. I've really been in a major Anakin/Tahiri funk all day, which is kinda surprising seeing as he's been dead for so long. But then again, you don't expect new moments in your ship to occur 13 years after one of the characters dies. Oh, and it certainly hasn't been helped by this lovely tidbit from Fury:
Tahiri still had no answer for Caedus; it was a big galaxy and she was, in his eyes, a stupid girl -- and a needy one, constantly importuning him for new chances to flow-walk into the past and reexperience the wonders of Anakin Solo in the days and hours before his death. 
Caedus shook his head over that. He had seen so much of Anakin in recent months that he had come to despise the brat. The reasons why he had ever held the boy in any regard, why he had chosen to name his Star Destroyer for him, were now lost on Caedus.

I AM NOT HAPPY! *Grumbles....*
On a maybe kinda slightly happier note, Jaina so needs to sleep with Jag. Right now! I am so sick of them being apart. There was this really cute part of Han and Jag working together on some circuitry or something and I was like "OMG Jaina and Jag belong together." Somebody go get a really expensive hooker to keep Zekk occupied. 
Jaina is being seriously worrisome though. I'm really glad that Jag seems to have gotten through to her. (Haha, Zekk, you failed!) But seriously, he is being so sweet, it would seem that he still really loves her. My point being: they so need to have sex. (Even though that probably wouldn't fix many problems, it would make me infinitely happier.) If this series ends and they're not together, I'm going to track down Troy Denning and give him a serious piece of my mind. Seriously guys... you took Anakin, you took Mara, you used Jacen to destroy everything.... you owe me something. Han and Leia are cute, but they aren't going to do the trick. 
Gah, time to go cry over Anakin some more.
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