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Singin' I Love Rock 'n' Roll

Had to start with a GIF in celebration of the epicness of this weekend. Well, not the whole weekend, but one particular part. So, Danielle have been meaning to go see The Runaways for a while. (Technically since we were in the theater watching the trailer and she was like "WHAT?!?!? You don't know who Joan Jett is?") But we haven't been able to go the past couple of weeks because we've been busy and she's been sick and then it stopped showing in Evanston so we were going to have to go downtown to see it. Well, she called me yesterday at 5:45, because she had just gotten my text of the day asking if she wanted to, and we decided to make a run for it, because the showing was at 7. We changed, grabbed food on the go, and hopped on the train. We got into the theater (which is on the near north side) all of 30 seconds before the movie (not the previews) started. So that was an adrenaline rush...

I really loved the movie. It would have been hard for me not to love it, seeing as it was all girl power and Kristen Stewart. My only legitimate complaint was that the movie was too short (only an hour and half) and therefore didn't allow for as much exposition as I would have liked. The film was very impressionistic, which I liked, but I would have liked a bit more plot, sort of filling in what exactly happened in places. The film often jumped in time without much explanation. And I just wanted more because it was good. I was pleasantly surprised by Dakota Fanning, she did a good job in the role. I still don't like her, though. I absolutely hated her character, to me Cherie Curie seems like a talentless person who rose on her good looks and the hard work of others. (Which I know can be said about a lot of people who are famous). But OMG I love Joan Jett now. Kristen was awesome and so sexy. I loved her wielding the guitar like a light saber and batting away beer cans and whatnot. And kicking men's asses all over the place. And damn that movie was hot. I especially loved the kiss in the roller rink. The whole thing was really fun and put me on a total high.

After Danielle and I got out of the movie, we were so full of energy and were practically running down the street in the rain. It was so gorgeous being in the city in the rain. Being on the El reminded of the scene in Adventureland when the guy is on the bus to New York in the rain. We of course proceeded Joan Jett's example of badassery by studying, because we're total Nerdwesterners, but we did name the ladybug in Danielle's suite "Joan" and proceeded to chat with her while we were working.

So other than that fun adventure, my weekend was okay. I got a decent amount done. I read Sam Watkins, and absolutely loved it. I kind of already had a sense that I would like him based on the quotes that Ken Burns used, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really loved it. I was funny and touching and well written and not extensive. It almost makes up for the pain of Mary Chestnut. (It would if I didn't have to read Chestnut again... blech). It was a really illuminating work for me to read as I continue to study Southern history and it will definitely stay on my bookshelves after this quarter.

Other than that enjoyable reading, I read two articles for poly sci that I was behind on, in preparation for the midterm. I also did laundry and cleaned my room a bunch (with the excuse that a prospie was going to pop in to see it). And now things look so much nicer. My closet actually looks organized, and not like a waste site. And I can see my floor! Although my room is also stifling humid because of the laundry. I'm so tired of living in this tiny space and constantly tripping over everything. I'm definitely ready for the quarter to start wrapping up, which is not so good because I still have 5 weeks of class left. Stupid Caroline has finals this week and I'm just doing midterms. I am so not looking forward to this week, although I'm not terribly worried about the exams themselves. But I'll have to put a good amount of time into those, and I have a long book to read for spanish and a paper to write for next Monday, which I will probably write on Sam Watkins. Wish me luck, as I am about to embark on mid-quarter insanity.

After I finish this post, I'm going to watch Brothers and Sisters, which I've recently gotten back in to, and then probably start some reading for this coming week. I really don't want to start this week, but I know it'll go by as quickly as any other. I hate being at school because I feel like time is so distorted, like it is unfathomably fast and yet unbearably slow at the same time. I kind of wish college was a little more enjoyable. If college is the most enjoyable time of your life, then my life is going to suck. I honestly hope that's not true.

Well, that's a depressing note to end on. How about a happy one? Like more KStew...

(If you've seen the movie, that will hopefully make you laugh.)
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